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IT Marketing

  • Full Time
  • 9 am – 5 pm

Job Description

Marketing specialists help develop, execute, and monitor marketing programs across a variety of channels. Their work includes researching the market, analyzing trends to help define the organization’s marketing strategy, and providing advice as to how to best reach the target market.

Marketing duties require both physical and digital efforts across a variety of platforms and mediums.The primary responsibility of any marketer is to place a product or service in front of the target audience with strategic messaging that raises brand awareness and ultimately drives traffic and sales.

Debugging Software. Every web programmer should have a good debugger at their disposal. Working in an Agile environment, you will also be responsible for developing custom processes and plugins for a Dynamics CRM solution, being very much part of the architectural process.

Job Responsibilities

  • Develop implement and track marketing programs such as email social media or digital campaigns and events
  • Conduct market research and analyze trends to identify new marketing opportunities
  • Stay up to date with Market and online trends relevant to the brand for ensuring campaigns and promotions are relevant within each market
  • Ensure that all business applications (mix of in-house / external software providers) meet the needs of the business.


  • Excellent analytical skills and a knack for data analysis
  • Skilled in writing and editing content with an attention to detail
  • Applicable knowledge in marketing data analytics and tools
  • Aggressive problem diagnosis and creative problem solving skills
  • Stakeholder management.

Other Benefits

  • Assist in the production and testing of disaster recovery plans.
  • Provide technical / operational input on supplier contracts and large spending decisions.

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